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Headquarters for House Leveling, Pier and Beam Foundations, Remodeling, House and Structure Tear Down and Removal, House Wrecking and Demolition.

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Home - Contact us at our contractor company in Magnolia, Texas, where we offer house leveling, beam and pier foundations, and remodeling services.

Call us in Texas for house leveling, pier & beam foundations repair, remodeling, and house wrecking demolition services. At West House Leveling, we provide expert structure leveling and remodeling services for residential properties. Whether your home is unstable due to excess rain in your area, or you just need your mobile home re-leveled, we can take care of all your foundation and remodeling needs. Keep your family safe and add value and beauty to your home with superior service from West House Leveling, Wrecking, and Demolition.

Hire our professionals to fix and level your house, structure demolition, or to remove a building.

Pier & Beam Foundations & Home Leveling
Remodeling: Additions, New Construction, & Remodels

Remove Buildings, Houses, or other Structures

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Contact us at our contractor company in Magnolia, Texas, for leveling, beam and pier foundations,  remodeling services, house tear down and removal (house wrecking), structure demolition services. Serving the Greater Houston, Montgomery, Fort Bend, Harris, Brazoria, Galveston & surrounding counties in Texas.
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